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The Turtle Creek Annual

Halloween Parade


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Once Again the Halloween Parade was filled with lots and lots of spooks, bees and such and a very fine time was had by all.....Here is the "wicked witch" (left) and a "space" creature along with two very cute "beings".
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On the left is the "witch" (also known as one of the judges) having to pick from the cutest bunch of scaring things that ever walked in a parade!  On the right is the "Bundle Bee", the "Farmer" and "Miss Liberty".
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Pictured on the right are the winners in the age group Kindergarten to 3rd grade.   They are Nicholas Tyler (center) for Scariest, Melanie Skinner for Most Original and Mary Casey McAnany for the Cutest.  Above left are even more "spooks"
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The "winners" (left) enjoy the prizes passed out to everyone that came.   There was plenty of candy and movies tickets to each of the winners this year.   Pictured on the right is the "old Man" of Turtle Creek!
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Here we have the winners in the 4th to 6th Grade range (left) and they are Colin McAnany for the Scariest, Andrea Unruh for the Most Original and Kelsey Cornell for the Cutest.  Pictured on the right above is something that scared EVERYONE!
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Why even "Batman" and a "Dalmatian" showed up at this years parade!
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And what parade would not be complete without a beautiful "Ballerina"

Thank you spooks and all, and especially the Moms and Dads for another great Halloween Parade.